Monday Night Community

What: Support Groups
When: Monday evenings at 7pm in the main building

(11340 Century Circle E., Springdale, OH 45246)

The Vineyard is your trusted source for Christian support groups in Cincinnati.

Life can be challenging, and that's why we offer a wide range of Christian support groups to help individuals and families in our community find comfort and support.

The Monday Night Community of Growth & Healing is people coming together to encourage one another, to seek God together, and to find our way through these challenging times. 

Are you struggling with loss, addiction, or loneliness? Our support groups offer solutions and hope—you no longer have to be alone.

Questions? Text 513-612-9910 
or email Mary at

Thanks to our technology, we’ve never been more connected to the world, yet people have never felt more isolated and alone.
It turns out that having access to infinite information is not the same as having intimate connection with another person, and we recognize this and we feel it most in trying times.
It turns out we need each other now more than ever.
The Monday night community of growth and healing is a group of people who come together to encourage one another to seek God, to find a way through these challenging times. This is a place where people share their hearts without fear of judgment, where we seek God for His wisdom to find a way to live life abundantly, where we walk in his grace and mercy. If you’ve been feeling out there alone, isolated, please know we love you, and you don’t have to be alone anymore.


Here are some types of groups we offer.
Scroll down to see current available groups.)

  • Grief and Loss Support Group: Find comfort and support from individuals who understand your loss.
    If you don't see a grief group listed on the calendar, please check out Find A Group at

  • Men's Healthy Sexuality: a Christian 12-step group to support men in managing issues that can hinder authenticity & intimacy

  • Divorce Support Group: Join us for a weekly support group meeting every Monday night at 7pm

  • NAMI Family to Family: This group is for family members and friends who help to support someone with a mental condition

  • Overcoming Adversity: This group is open to anyone going through a difficult time of any sort.

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May 30

Faith 101 Basic Beliefs (Videos on Demand)

The Faith 101 Basic Beliefs videos are now available on demand.


Jun 1

Courage To Connect

Recover your connections with the people, groups and activities that are important to you.


Jun 5

Men's Healthy Sexuality Group

The MHS group is a Christian 12-step group to support men in managing sexual issues that can hinder authenticity and intimacy.


Jun 11

Baptism Class

If you have said "yes" to Jesus, your next step is to be baptized. Sign up for the class!


Jun 24

Prophetic Prayer & Communion Night

This is an evening of worship, reflection, taking communion together and prayer teams listening for and praying God's heart over each person who desires prayer.


Jul 10

Go Deeper (Pilot Class)

The Christian life can be amazing! It can also be painfully toxic. We invite you to join us on this journey to experience freedom and a healthy spirituality.


Help On-Demand: BATTLE PLANS series

This series of videos might help if you're working through issues with anxiety or depression: