Life Reset

Let's hit the reset button on life.

Sometimes in life you reach a point when you just need to hit the reset button. Issues like anxiety, rejection, anger, or addiction can leave you stuck with no idea what to do. If any of these concerns describe where you're at, Life Reset is for you.

Join a small group of caring people who want to see you whole and free in Christ.

See below for the classes and groups currently available.

Help On-Demand: BATTLE PLANS series

This series of videos might help if you're working through issues with anxiety or depression:


Upcoming Groups & Classes

Please click on the title of the group or class to see more information and to register.

Jun 27

7:00 PM • Main Church Building, Hospitality Room

Men's Healthy Sexuality Group

This 12-Step group is designed to help men work through issues related to pornography, recovery from affairs, sexual identity recovery and thought-life issues.

Jul 11

7:00 PM • Main Church Building, Area 3.5B

Overcoming Adversity

This group is open to anyone going through a difficult time of any sort. Learn to thrive, not just survive! Just show up on Mondays at 7pm in the Main Building.

7:00 PM • Main Church Building, Area 3.5A

Quit Smoking

Are you a current smoker who has ever considered quitting? This 6 week course will walk you through elements of the Smoking Cessation Process based on American Lung Society's Freedom from Smoking.

7:00 PM • Main Church Building, Area 3.5A

Connecting Through Creativity

Connecting Through Creativity is a class for creatives and those who would like to be creative. We will connect with God, His Word and each other.

7:00 PM • Main Church Building, Area 35

Listening Hero

Supercharge your listening skills and become the person everyone wants to be around!

7:00 PM • Main Church Building, Hospitality Room

Divorce & Beyond (In-Person and Online)

This open group is for anyone who is divorced or is going through a divorce. This group will be offered online and in-person on Mondays starting July 11.

Oct 14

6:30 PM • Main Church Building, Area 3.5

Premarital Sessions 2022

If you'd like to be married by a Vineyard Pastor, either onsite or offsite, this is a required course. Please note: Registration for the June class is now closed. Please register by Friday September 30th, 2022 in order to attend the October session.