About Us


We exist to... Live & love like Jesus.
We will... Love well, do good, give it all away.


We will be a diverse community of surrendered people on mission together to love God and others. We will be seedthrowers and risk-takers, hope peddlers and grace givers. We will empower the poor, strengthen the weak, embrace the outcast and seek the lost. Together we will bring Jesus to our city and our world. We believe small things done with great love will change the world.

What Do We Believe?

Vineyard Cincinnati is open to everyone -- no matter what your thoughts are about God or church.

Whether you’re new to church or been around your whole life, you're in good company with those of us who are exploring who God is -- or rediscovering what church can be.

Read a more detailed overview of what we believe, including bylaws.

What We Believe

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The Healing Center

One way we serve the Greater Cincinnati area is through the Healing Center.

The Healing Center is the largest social services organization in the area, serving thousands of people each month seeking help for spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

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