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A Life-Changing Adventure

Jenny Sasson | November 1, 2023

This October, we embarked on a life-changing adventure with a group of people from Vineyard Cincinnati who stepped out in faith to join our first Vineyard Global Outreach Trip to Honduras, in partnership with SonLight Power.

For over 14 years, I have been serving in missions around the world with SonLight Power and this experience has been transformative on so many levels. I am so thankful that after many years of prayers, we were able to successfully accomplish our first of many Vineyard Global Mission Trips to Honduras.

Equipping Vulnerable People to Gain Independence This outreach was uniquely designed so the people we served are dependent not on us, but on God and each other. We were able to equip vulnerable people with sustainable energy solutions, knowledge and skills they need to gain independence from the debilitating effects of energy poverty.

Using a blend of in-country and U.S. based volunteers, Vineyard Cincinnati volunteers and SonLight Power mission teams connected three local schools, with a supply of electricity that will last for generations. We involved the communities themselves, using these projects to train residents and partner organizations how to install solar power systems and how to care for them over time.

The gift of light is transformative. We engaged with our new friends and partners by holding celebrations where whole communities came together in a spirit of fellowship, thanking God for the hope and opportunity that electricity brings.

A very important aspect of this mission was to use solar energy to share the gospel in communities that otherwise would not be able to have both electricity or hear the message of the gospel. As a result of this kingdom work, 125 children received Jesus into their hearts as their Lord and Savior!

We are grateful for all the work that was done. The lives that were transformed by the message of the gospel of Jesus. What God did on this trip was amazing. We went as a group of acquaintances and came back being as close as family.

“The SonLight Power trip to Honduras was an amazing experience for me. First, the privilege of providing electricity to schools and of knowing that this will help these children to further their education was humbling. Second, being able to interact and to hear stories of the children, the teachers, the local townspeople, and even the soldiers and then to pray for them was faith building. We were able to join with what God was doing in their lives and participate in a small way. I highly recommend stepping out in faith and going on a SonLight trip. I know that I want to do it again.”
— Bill Maxam, Vineyard Cincinnati Elder

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