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We are a "Go & Tell" Movement

Clay Harrington | July 25, 2022

Hi Vineyard Family!

We're currently in a message series called “Unleashed: Acts of Holy Spirit,” and are learning about how the early Church was more of a “Go and Tell” movement rather than a “Come and See” institution. Holy Spirit has emboldened the children of God to not only “Go” but also to share the gospel through proclamation AND demonstration. Read the "Word From Clay" section below for more on this.

Here are the Breakthrough Ministry updates for the month of July. — Clay


🎉 Exciting News! 🎉 I am pleased to announce the launch of the Cincinnati School of Supernatural Ministry (CSSM) this fall! This school, in collaboration with Vineyard Church Northwest, is a school designed to equip ordinary people to live extraordinary lives through the power of Holy Spirit.

At CSSM, you will have the opportunity to join a group of other like-minded students who are hungry to grow in the gifts of the spirit. You will learn how to do the stuff Jesus did and how to walk more boldly in power, authority, and our identity as sons and daughters of God.

Topics like: Kingdom Worldview, Identity, Power Evangelism, Gifts of the Spirit, Prophecy, and more, will be covered in these 15 week sessions. Led by me 😊 (Clay Harrington), Luke Haselmayer and Wilson Cochrane (of Vineyard Church Northwest), this school is guaranteed to challenge, equip and encourage students to live unleashed to see this city turn into a Holy Spirit stronghold.

We believe God has a plan for Cincinnati. We exist to see it happen. Visit to learn more about the school or to register.



This past Sunday was OFF THE HOOK! I loved hearing the amazing testimonials shared and then witnessing their baptisms! Congratulations to all 38 of our brothers and sisters who took the plunge!


This is a summary of our intercessory prayer meeting held on July 13, 2022. Phil Michael spoke briefly on the transformational power of prayer. As we invite God into our lives and circumstances, His presence has the power to transform us and outcomes. Phil spoke on the importance of listening to where God is moving and where He wants to transform, then partner with God in prayer to that end.

As we listened and interceded, we felt and heard the following:

  • God wants to transform our human and rational belief into a child-like faith. We pray we can lean into a “God said it, therefore we should believe it.” posture.
  • God is reminding us of His peace, He is with us!
  • A dream was shared of a Christian and Rabbi talking - outlining unity among bodies of faith. We felt this speaks towards a broader vision of tearing down walls and pursuing unity amongst other like minded faith communities.
  • Pursue living our authentic self and God given identity.
  • We are to be a bridge of God’s presence to those in Cincinnati. People will encounter God. We should live mindful that we are ambassadors.

Would you join us in praying the above points over our church and city? Our next Intercessory Prayer Meeting is Wednesday, July 27, 2022, from 6am-7:30am in the main building auditorium. We invite you to join us. If you cannot make it on time/the whole time, no worries the doors remain open during the whole meeting. Come and go as you please! Blessings, The Intercessory Prayer Team


We are pleased to announce the next Prophetic Prayer and Communion Night (PPCN) is scheduled for Saturday, August 13 from 6:30-8pm. Mark your calendars because you do not want to miss this!


Check out this testimony from our last PPCN Saturday, May 14:

"I attended the Prophetic Prayer and Communion Night to see what prophetic prayer was all about. After worship and brief training, I stood in line to receive prayer. During the prayer one of the ladies said that she was getting a picture of a baby and asked me if that meant anything. I started crying and shared I had lost my baby, she too started to cry and invited the Holy Spirit to share more. She went on to describe a picture that became clear to her of God rocking my baby boy in his arms, she told me that by baby boy was okay and that God sees my pain and suffering, that He loves me and has great things coming my way.

She went on to say that God wants to release the pain of my loss and the shame and worthlessness I was feeling. At that moment I sensed God's presence I felt warm all over as if He was hugging me, letting me know it was going to be alright. After the prayer both the ladies hugged me and encouraged me to stay in my bible, pray and seek out community to support me as I lean into God’s plans for my life.

I walked away literally in shock for days if not weeks after that encounter. Prior to coming, I must admit, I was struggling with my belief that God truly existed, because if he did, why would he have taken my baby? After this Holy Spirit encounter, I know for a fact that Jesus is alive and well, making a way for me when I couldn’t see one." — Courtney


Can you remember a time when you were over-the-top excited about something in your life?

Whether it was that new job opportunity you landed, that special wedding day, saying “hello” to your new baby/grandbaby or maybe you were excited for that next big blockbuster to hit the big screens, purchasing that big ticket item you’ve had your sights set on for years, going out to eat at your favorite restaurant… chances are we all have experienced something exciting in our lives before.

Do you remember how you responded?

I remember when I first found out my wife and I were having twins. After my initial shock (and dread), I was elated and through the roof with excitement. As soon as I was given the green light from my wife Regina, I shared the news with everyone I could! It was out of this excitement that I shared with any and everyone who’d listen. This was good news I wanted to share with everyone I knew!

As we continue our Acts series entitled “Unleashed: Acts of Holy Spirit,” we’re learning how the early Church was more in line to a “Go and Tell” movement rather than a “Come and See” institution. We’re learning how Holy Spirit emboldened the children of God to not only “Go” but to share the gospel through proclamation AND demonstration.

Even in the face of peril, disaster, light and momentary persecution and even death - the early Church found ways to go and tell the good news. It was just too good NOT to share! The early Church was so over-the-top excited about this Good News of Jesus Christ - all He did for us, the freedom He granted us, the life he offers us - that they felt every tribe, tongue and nation NEEDED to hear it.

And in 2022, a world littered with chaos and confusion, this news is still TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE. But, all too often, Christians are harassed by fear, concern about what others think or feelings of being disqualified that prevent us from showing and telling the Good News to others.

But thanks be to Jesus who sent His Spirit to help in times like these. Holy Spirit was sent to not only comfort us when we feel we’re stepping out beyond our limits, but empowers us to be effective witnesses for the glory of God. Holy Spirit is the one who qualifies us as ambassadors who God chooses to make His appeal through.

We have the backing and reinforcement of heaven when we go and tell others about the News that has the power to impact their forever (whether they believe it or not).

So when you think of sharing with others as you go to your workplace, as you take a walk in your neighborhood, as you go to Kroger, out to dinner, to Graeter’s… first, take a deep breath. Second, remind yourself that you have Holy Spirit - who lives in you - empowering you to be an effective witness to anyone everywhere you go. It’s not on us to do the supernatural work, all we have to do is be willing to cooperate with God.

So the question I have is: Are you open to allow the Holy Spirit to add His ability to our availability?

If you answered yes, here are a few practical next steps that might prove useful as you look to go and tell others about the good news:

  • Ask Holy Spirit questions like: “What are you doing Lord?” “How can I participate?” “Who should I talk to/share with?” “What act of kindness/generosity can I show right now?”
  • Share your short testimony (2-5 minutes of how Jesus changed your life) with others. Pro tip: If you’ve never shared in the past, share with a family member or friend and ask for feedback.
  • Walk up to a stranger and ask, “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?.. If Jesus could do a miracle for you right now, what would it be?” Listen for their response and pray for them.
  • Walk up to a stranger and say, “Hi, my name is __________. I felt God wanted me to ask if there was anything you’d like prayer for.” If they share something you can pray about, follow-up with, “Can I pray for you right now?” and pray your best, most succinct prayer and thank them for letting you pray.

Those are just a few things you can try, among so many other things! I encourage you to get creative and have fun! But remember - it’s not dependent upon us to do the supernatural work - we just need to be willing to cooperate!

If you try something like this we’d love to hear about it! Feel free to send us an email at and share your “Go and Tell” story.

We love hearing all the unleashed stories we’ve heard thus far. Keep them coming! Praying we lean into living even more unleashed for the sake of the city!

🔥 Clay

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