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What are your spiritual gifts?

| November 19, 2021

Learn your strengths

Take the spiritual gifts assessment to find the right fit for you. This "graceGIFTS" tool is a spiritual gifts survey that tests your interests and experiences related to serving Christ, using abilities that originate from the Holy Spirit. It is free. Just enter this Registration Code: 1411-613


The Old and New Testaments Teach Three Forms of Giftedness:

In the Old Testament, God states that He is the one who gives us our skills (See Exodus 31:3). For this reason, the assessment includes the Old Testament skill-gifts of Creativity and of Music/Worship. Why? Because these skill-gifts are taken from roles God ordained by God for Temple Gatekeepers (See 1 Chronicles 23:5) and Craftsmen.

The Practical Gifts comprise the majority of the gifts listed in the New Testament and included within this spiritual gift test. However, many Christians are unaware that these gifts are personality-dependent. Accordingly, how a gift is applied will depend upon the personality God gives each person. Therefore, the practical gifts, along with the two Old Testament skill-gifts, comprise the default spiritual gift list. Now, when these gifts are filtered through personality, the results are called “Gift Expressions."

Revelatory gifts are sometimes referred to a “self-evident” gifts. Revelatory gifts are works of grace that the Holy Spirit reveals through us. However, these gifts are not impacted by our personalities. So, for example, the Holy Spirit may inspire someone to pray over a sick person resulting in her healing. In this way, God “revealed” this gift of grace through the one who prayed. But, the personality of the one who prayed was not a factor in how the healing took place. Additionally, the Holy Spirit may never again use this person’s prayers to heal others. The Revelatory Gifts are Exorcism, Healing, Interpretation of Tongues, Prophecy, and Speaking in Tongues.

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