Keith Thomas - The Book of Revelation Pt. 2

Keith Thomas - The Book of Revelation Pt. 2

Have you ever wanted to do an in-depth study of the Book of Revelation? Bible teacher Keith Thomas of will continue a series of studies going passage by passage through the Book of Revelation. The second series of talks continues Wednesday, June 5, at 7 PM in the Healing Center Auditorium, 11345 Century Circle W. Cincinnati, OH 45246.

Through the Book of Revelation, God reveals to the Church His plan for the end of this age. May we say, along with all the generations before us, “Come Lord Jesus!” This series continues on June 5 for six more consecutive weeks. I hope you can join us. The class is free, with a box up the front to help with outreach with Bible studies to the world through

This class will be at the Vineyard Healing Center auditorium. Here’s the address for your map app: 11345 Century Circle W, Springdale, OH 45246.

Here is a list of the topics for the next six studies:

7. The Sixth Seal Cosmic Disturbances (Revelation 6:12-17).

8.144,000 Sealed from Israel (Revelation 7:1-8).

9. The Great Multitude in Heaven (Revelation 7:9-17)

10.The Seventh Seal Trumpets (Revelation 8 & 9)

11. The Two Witnesses (Revelation 10-11)

12. War in Heaven (Revelation 12).

Please register below to get an accurate headcount and to ensure you receive the notes for each week.

You will need your Bible and maybe a notepad.

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