Prophetic Prayer & Communion Night

Prophetic Prayer & Communion Night

Sunday, February 23, 2025

Let's spend time together as a community on Sunday, August 18 from 6:30pm–8pm.

We'll start the evening in the Auditorium, where we'll enjoy a mix of music, moments of self-reflection, a short message, and a shared experience of communion.

If you're open to it, there will be prayer teams available. They're here to support and pray for anyone who feels called to seek guidance or receive spiritual encouragement.

Feel free to bring a journal or notebook to capture any personal insights or messages you receive throughout the evening.

After the event, we invite you to join us in the Atrium for some snacks and an opportunity to connect with others.

Here's what past attendees of this event had to say:

  • I encountered God in a powerful way. During prayer the prayer team hit on exactly what my heart needed and even used words and phrases they never could have known without the Holy Spirit.
  • I heard a word from God that was exactly what I needed. God affirmed a couple things I've been praying about.
  • The prophetic messages I heard from the prayer team helped me feel confident that I’m walking in God’s desired path for me!
  • To sum up my time at Prophetic Prayer and Communion Night: I experienced unity in worship, comfort in a physical need, and confirmation from the heart of God toward me and how He sees me.
  • Appreciate the Holy Spirit showing up. Thank you to all of the prayer warriors as they shared several messages for me that resonated in my heart ❤️ and soul. I realize this was perfect timing. God is good!

Please register below if you plan to utilize childcare. There are limited spots of 25  for ages 4 and under. Elementary aged children are welcome to sit with their parents.