T-Factor Equiping Seminar

T-Factor Equiping Seminar

Thursday, June 8, 2023

As believers, it can be difficult to balance our faith and our role as corporate leaders. T-factor was born out of the desire that the leadership at Coca-Cola Consolidated had to share their approach to building a God-honoring, purpose-driven corporate culture. This Equipping Seminar focuses on giving participants a thorough understanding of how they might practically & legally share their faith at work.

By attending you’ll receive the following:

  • Legal insight on how to share your faith as an individual in the workplace.
  • Legal insight and resources on how to establish small groups and communities where you can share your faith in your workplace.
  • Stories & testimonies on the power of walking our your faith at work.

At this event, we'll be watching the seminar live stream and breakout here in Cincinnati for discussion & lunch. To join us, please register!

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