December 21 Update from Matt

Hey Vineyard Family, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing generosity.

I want to thank you for being involved in all that we do here—with your time, your giving, and your strengths to help us do what God has called us to do.

Thank you. Thank you.

-Matt Massey
Lead Pastor

Please watch the video above.

With Your Support...

this church has seen transformed lives in Cincinnati and beyond.

Will you help sustain what God is doing here, near and far away, by contributing towards the year-end goal of $1.4 million?

Here are some organizations you've blessed through giving in the last 12 months:

Represents 32% of expenditures in 2021-2022. Includes all generosity initiatives, Healing Center expenses, and non-cash donations given away to the community.

Please make additional giving part of your plan in 2022 to help fund God’s plans for the Vineyard into 2023.

(Be sure to give by December 31, 2022 if you're claiming it on your taxes.)

How To Give

Vineyard Cincinnati’s ministry is funded by the generosity of those who participate in the life of this church.

We expect more than 16% of annual contributions to come in during the month of December which is $1.4 million in year-end giving.

Would you like to receive a 2022 tax deduction for your contributions? If you’re planning on giving to Vineyard Cincinnati before the end of the year, we must receive your gift no later than Friday, Dec. 31 to stay within IRS rules.

Here’s how you can uniquely support what God’s doing through VCC in 2022:


    Secure and flexible giving options are available. Give online at our website by midnight Dec. 31.

  3. Giving appreciated stock can be a beneficial way to give in a tax-advantaged way. Contact our Financial Services Office for details.

    Postmarked no later than midnight Dec. 31.
    The church building will be open 8am-4pm to drop in the boxes.
    Address: Vineyard Cincinnati, 11340 Century Circle E., Cincinnati, OH 45246


    Text (513) 657-4222 with your amount to give by Dec. 31. First time? We’ll send you a link to complete a one-time set-up.


    Easily donate from a range of assets. Donor Advised funds help to maximize potential tax benefits and simplify donor record keeping.


    Check with your company to see if they might match your gift to the Healing Center this year.


Download Brochure: 


Contact our Financial Services Office: