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If you’re planning on giving to Vineyard Cincinnati Church before the end of the year, we must receive your gift no later than Friday, Dec. 31 to stay within IRS rules.

You can give in the following ways:

  • (1) Bring it to the Staff Office building by 5pm on Dec 31;
  • (2) Mail your contribution with a postmark no later than midnight Dec. 31;
  • (3) Give online at our website by midnight Dec. 31,
  • (4) Drop it in the offering or at the giving boxes during any of the weekend services
  • (5) Text (513) 657-4222 with your amount to give,
  • (6) Or, if you’re giving stocks or bonds, contact our financial services office by phone at (513) 671-0422 Ext. 359 or email Angie Dodds for details.

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    Why give?

    A Heart of Generosity
    Vineyard Cincinnati is a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s a place of worship, learning, growing, leading, healing, supporting, loving, and giving.

    We believe that our time, energy, strengths, thoughts, relationships, work, and money are all gifts from God, and that we have been given the opportunity to manage—or steward—these resources.

    The process of seeking God and following His direction in being generous from what we have been given is at the heart of becoming a surrendered and spiritually-mature follower of Christ.

    Each of us is on our own path following Jesus! Our hope is that the Vineyard is, or becomes, your spiritual home where you can to grow in your walk with the Lord!

    We encourage those just beginning this journey to simply pray about where to start, and then grow.

    How to use TEXT TO GIVE

    How do I change the card I give from when I text?

    Text "edit" to our text-to-give number, 513-657-4222. The system will send you a link back where you can add a new card.

    Do I need to use $ symbol?

    What happens if I accidentally text the wrong amount?
    Text the word "refund" and the last transaction will be refunded.

    How do I designate the money to a given fund?
    Text the keyword and the amount, "100 m" or "m 100"

    How do I know which funds I can designate to?
    Text the keyword “funds"

    What are the Vineyard Cincinnati Church Keywords?

    • Tithes & Offerings: "t"
    • Missions/Outreach: "m"
    • The Healing Center: "h"

    What if I don’t enter a keyword?
    Your donation will default to Tithes & Offerings.

    Is there a minimum donation?
    Yes, the minimum donation is $1

    Types of gifts you can make

    • one-time credit/debit card contributions
    • recurring credit/debit card
    • eCheck/EFT/ACH giving plans

    Setting up Electronic Fund Transfers (or ACH)

    EFT directly transfers funds from an account of your choice to the Vineyard, with multiple options for frequency and day you'd like the contribution to be made. All contributions are completely safe and secure.

    Setup Giving Profile

    If you have any questions regarding electronic giving options, please contact Angie Dodds at (513) 671-0422 Ext. 359 or email If you need immediate assistance please text 513-440-5287.

    Green Initiatives

    Vineyard Cincinnati is taking steps to save money through several green initiatives.

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